At ship moracha sell


Start you with 380

400 b

420 bil

425 billion

430 b

435b iskies

waiting better offer
thought about 500b

I will do 500b contract it to me


contract done to you please accept in next hour

sent pm, ty

515b if he hasn’t accepted yet


Well damn this went fast for a ‘no rush’ :). Congratz to the winner

Lol I guess they didnt see the one where people were bidding 1 trilllion + :rofl:

They didn’t need that Moracha anyway.

That was fake as hell dear friend. It’s called market manipulation. 1 week later another gets sold for around 400 iirc.

Or maybe the 400 bil “sale” was market manipulation to keep the prices low.

Maybe it was indeed. Then so was this post. It’s all fun and games in marketplays! Thrilling

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