WTS Moracha

Located in Jita 4-4.

Would be looking for ISK offers but would consider trades depending on the ship + ISK added amount.

Looking to start at 500b, but would consider reasonable offers.

Still available

do people really have 600B to spend on a single ship?


Some people have spent 2.5 - 3 trillion on a single ship. Those prices are in the past with the current regime.

Iā€™m hoping so :slight_smile:

To the top!

Dang. Its been a year already since i traded one of these away. ^^

Good timing apparently ;D

Still available

450b offer, actual next 24hrs

Looking for a bit more sorry

Still available

Would you be considering trades for the new ships released?

Thanks for the offer, but I have access to the new ships already, mainly looking for ISK or some of the older ships + ISK.

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Still available

Still available

Still available