WTS Moracha - 1T - SOLD

So I will be leaving game for a bit and rather than have an active AT ship sit in my hangar I’d like for it to get use.

Current highest offer without me listing it for sale is 800b to my in game evemail last time it killed someone so I will make this thread and see what happens. I don’t know when the last one was sold either so maybe this makes some hit the market

Moracha has roughly 49 killmarks, will be sold for 1T in random HS via contract or end up sitting on my account until I’m back or game is dead

Feel free to troll or w.e. but please only post isk bids if you actually want to buy

I will most likely stop checking forums / i haven’t logged in recently if you are interested @Flores#1200 on discord

Only trade willing to accept is 500b liquid + chrem (baby mocha)

Too high, but are you taking isk only or assets too.

I back this post :stuck_out_tongue: He is a hard worker and has a working kidney

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Isk only if I’m away from game I have no use for useless assets I’d rather come back to the mocha

Price is certainly high, but then again none have hit the market in a long time and some special pilots lost theirs in only a few weeks time :slight_smile:


I sent in a private query to owner anyway.

Daily Bump… I will not have access to computer as often as my phone so feel free to post here if you sent a mail so I can try to remember to login

Bump… Still the only one for sale in a long time

Great pvp ship and fun with abyssal mods

600b offer

My best offer unfortunately includes an AT ship and is not 100% isk, but good luck for your sale of this epic boat.


Sorry busy weekend, as mentioned I have not had the opportunity to login much so if you sent a mail please let me know here so I can actually login and respond

Reason I am selling ship is my play time is ultra limited

Feel free to reach out on discord as an alternative @Flores#1200

Highest liquid isk bid @650 from multiple people

Highest trade offer somewhere between 700-800b

As mentioned I really have no use for trade, I’d be better off keeping mocha till I return and letting price keep going up as people lose them and no one sells

Bump… Sorry been busy

Never recieved response from 850b guy

Highest liquid isk offer is 700b / highest trade offer is valued about 700-800b

Discord if needed



Havent been able to login in a few weeks, so checked no mails

Highest bid on discord is 700b which is low (in my opinion), if someone with a mocha feels it is good feel free to sell yours :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the opportunity, however regretfully I am declaring myself out. Good luck with sale - better yet just keep it!

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I will most likely stop bumping and checking this thread… hit me up on discord if interested


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