WTB Moracha 430+

Hello friends,

Looking for a Moracha, 430+ offer. I check eve mail and forums daily. Cash Is liquid and ready to go.



Speak to me first I am willing to offer 600B for one, or even higher.

When you want to get serious about selling your Moracha speak to me, I also check eve mail and forums daily.

For a cruiser, I understand it’s rare but sheesh, if you have 600 bill to throw at that what’s your secret :ear:

Anyone can be rich with all of these plex sales. Swipe daddy’s credit card, lose moracha.

What u on about, I haven’t lost an AT ship yet and I have 720 odd kills and rising. I don’t mean to brag but I have one of the best AT ship records in game in terms of killboard kill death stats.

Thanks for the thread jack and free bump, you silly goose!

You are a competitor. Good luck though.





Bumpy! Open to offers!

Best of bumps gentlemen

:dealwithitparrot: Free bump for the gentleman.

Oldy but Goldy - and a track of the day for the gentleman.

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Blessed Bump. Liquid cash ready.

Bumpus maximus

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