WTS Moracha or trade for Chremoas

I have a very old dusty moracha sitting in low sec i would be willing to sell for the right price.

I’m not a collector so i’m not looking to trade for many ships, but i am interested in:

550b or Chremoas + 290b

It is in domain region, i won’t move it to a trade hub but i may move it to another region if the deal is good enough. (Covert ops are easy to move with a black ops)

Any low ball offer will be classed as a free bump (I’m also not bothered if your going to use it or not sorry)

Post here or mail me i will be checking both regularly.

hey i am interested in chremoas. hm?

Hey bud, I’ll trade you a Tiamat and Hydra for it bud.

Mail sent. :slight_smile:

I never get bro prices :frowning:

Ever since I wanted one the priced has gone up a godzillion. Wish I owned one already. I continue to believe it is artificial. Good luck with your sale though my bro. Mail me if you want to talk.

Dude we get it. You want a 350 bil moracha.

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I’ll beat pretty much any offer bud, Im not around much but if the tiamat is something you’re willing to partly trade with Ill beat anyone that offers you anything close.

please stop posting

literally no one wants to read ur posts

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touchy touchy. Id offer 400b for this vessel.

Lol here we go again

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ill have u know

im not like DUMB cOLLECTORS like YOU

i actually FLY my at ships

so sell me ur moracha for 200b

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Says the man posting with a hidden identity.

I might pay more than 400B please send me a mail with your expectation.

Morachas bring out the best in all of us… Sigh.

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This thing is truly a dream ship.
Since you might be interested in a Tiamat i’ll give this a try,
i’m a PvPer, i don’t have isk, I can offer my officer fitted Tiamat, whatever i can liquidate and loan (guess around 30b) and the promise to use it weekly until it’s on the killboard.
You’d be welcome to join the roams and I can make videos of me risking it :slight_smile:

You may consider this a free bump.

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Thanks for all the interest in my ship, i’ve replied to all the mails


Re sent my mail, accidentally sent it to the wrong person lol

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Again thanks for all the offers i’ve changed what I’m looking for i’ve taken out the rev & Tiamat.

I’m only going to let the ship go for just isk or Chremoas + isk if no such offers come i will just keep it. The top isk offer is 550b right now, if you have a Chremoas I’m willing to negotiate.

Reasons i’ve taken the other ships out, I no longer want a rev as the logistics would be to hard for me as a solo player and i’ve taken the Tiamat out because it just seems like a bad ship i don’t want to go from the best recon in the game to a trash one.


Chremoas owners let’s talk.

Still looking for a chremoas :slight_smile: