WTS Chremoas + Moracha (price reduced)


1x Chremoas
1x Moracha

Full transparency
There will be another 50 of each probably in the next decade of eve. So I expect to sell for somewhat of a reduced price but please do not be unreasonable.

Please mail or post offers and I will review them.

600b moracha

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Thank you for your offer Elena, it is duly acknowledged.

I will post a response once per day from this point forward in order to be fair with my thread bumping.

Also, I will add a full listing of the abyssal fits that are loaded onto these two ships tomorrow - prepare yourselves for some CRAZY best in game S$$$.

200b offer on Chremoas

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Everyone has been responded to.

Allow me to introduce you to the Moracha’s 50mn Microwarpdrive. I bet you have never seen better.


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All offers refused so far

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