WTS Chremoas, Moracha

Chremoas - 250b

Moracha - 500

By far the cheapest available will sell to anybody that makes me a decent offer.

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If you triple your offer it’s yours

bump for great prices!

while the personal attack is good entertainment, I actually got completely out of the unique game and haven’t the isk anymore to buy things such as this - i thought AT was over, then … it wasnt :slight_smile:

Bruh, I know your virtual spaceships lost some virtual value because CCP are incompetent but can you please take your whining out of my sales thread.


To the top

To the top

someone buy my stuff

eve mail sent

Where is the chemroas

All ships in jita 4-4

to the top



You might as well give up. CCP has nuked it.


How so?

will do 450 for the Moracha if you buy it before Christmas

contract to me

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