WTS AT Ships (Huge Price Drop for 24 Hours)

For Sale

Apoc Imperial Issue - Sold

Moracha - 600B

Fiend - 430B

Tiamat - 270B

Chremoas - 280B

Imp - RIP

Hydra - Sold

Whiptail - Sold

Utu - Sold

Freki - Sold

Silver Magnate - Sold

All in Jita or can be moved there, apart from Impoc which is docked in Amarr and can not be moved.


Quote, Zahara Codys mother.

Not sure if serious, but I know you are a big player so are you offering the requested price for everything?

Either way, I will start sending over the contracts now.

First Few Contracts up, moving everything else to 4-4 (my apologies, I was not expecting to have a buyer respond so quickly)

these prices so cheap

Impressive list there, and I’m happy to see that my net value just increased since I last knew of their values :wink:

Curious about the Impoc, since I didn’t think there would ever be one for sale…

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It’s a friend of a friends kinda thing, unfortunately I won’t be getting the skies if it does sell.

Wow… This reply is amazing. Honestly gives me some perspective on what type of wealth is in Eve. I am just thinking about buying my first Hel. I have a little more work to put in but I will get it soon. This reply took my breath away for a second haha. Congrats on the transaction!

Aye, you may as well go out with a bang flying the biggest goldiest ship in the game.

All jokes aside I understand. Let me know if you still want all the regular AT ships. I have the first few contracts up for you.

Everything other than the Battleship at 50% cost and ill take it - had to think about this for about 30min before offering, very close on the market value

No worries friend, I understand these are pricey vessels. Apologies for my confusion, I was just under the impression given your first post here that you wanted to “take everything”.

Lowballs are perfectly fine but can I please ask everybody only to make offers if they can actually afford and are willing to follow through with the bid they are making. :blush:

Bit of a shitpost but I might as well try :))
Chremoas 90B

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chrem 230b

imp 330

silver 180b

Decent bid but will turn it down.

Using this opportunity for a bump.

sadge, well you got it for few more days until i spend my isk

Winners Don’t Use Drugs

Even if you fix your prices, Cody is right. CCP will release soon a 34.99$ starter pack including an Apoc Imperial Issue + 100 cap boosters 150 + 110 Plex [limited offer]

Almost sounds if this thinking is that of wanting to play a game, which is all about risk, without risk.

5T is a just a number and greater than my nett worth. Though the wealth of some of the people here is to the point where 5T is like 500b or 50b or whatever. The reality is, it’s an Apoc Imperial Issue. A literal unicorn within the game. iirc only 4 exist but my memory is hazy. And Limited Liability purchased the RSI, so he has an entertaining history of truly unique ships.

The reality is, it’s the ultimate trophy cabinet piece or the lossmail of a champion.

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