WTS AT Ships (Huge Price Drop for 24 Hours)


Very nice collection!

I recently fed a silver magnate (Silver Magnate | Itaer | Killmail | zKillboard), kind of missing frigate sized AT ships… mind selling me that Freki for cheap? Promise I’ll fly it.

I’ve got 50b if you’re down.

I just wanted to say that I’m amazed by the apoc ever popping up again, what a beauty! Good luck with the sales

also i think i am due a good cheap imp :innocent:

Eh why not, contract up, you have 12 hours to accept before I come to my senses.


Accepted. Cheers mate.

ive got 70 ready for you RN for whiptail if you wish

Lol, I’d double that. 140 for the whiptail

people like you just here to ruin the fun - bid on a different one :smiley:

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still want that chrem for 230 :joy::joy::joy:

50b ready for the UTU + a carrier with 3 usable double bubble sabers :wink:

Bump, massive price drop for the next 24 hours

what are the discount prices?

The ones currently listed in the main post

1.2T ISK for the Apoc

I mean, I don’t have a brilliant story behind this one, but would you sell me your Moracha for 400b ?

No but you can have an Imp

1.5t for apoc

I’m not gonna lie, I would love to get into Fiend again but i have like bit over 1/3 of the required isk to buy it atm rip

Better make it longer than 24 hrs.