WTS AT Ships (Huge Price Drop for 24 Hours)

virtuoso plus 180b for fiend

Ahh I wouldn’t have to if a certain flexer did actually buy everything like they said they would.


Sorry mate, already have too many virts and that’s a bad trade anyway.


What’s apoc latest offer ?

it won’t be sold for less than 5 trill (or the equivalent in trades) it’s not actually mine and the actual owner is not overly fussed if it sells or not.

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Fortunately, I can provide a similar quotation,Almost equivalent supplies.If you are interested

Maybe you can send me your email and I will send screenshots of some items ,and then decide whether to continue

feel free to send me the imgur links using in-game mail.

I need to send you a screenshot of the game because there are too many things


Almost 5t
But i don’t know what your estimate is

Mail has been sent
If Inot satisfied with the item, I can use isk to make up the difference

Hi mate, you have just sent me links to file locations on your personal computer, I can’t actually see anything apart from where you keep your screenshots lol

This is just part of it lol

Bump, replied to your mail

Message has been sent o7

what do you think? Do we have a chance to finish it?

wtb more pics of that apoc jesus it looks great

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the deal will go ahead.

The trade will be conducted for all listed items in the screenshots +500 billion isk.