WTS At Ships

Moracha - 450b

Chremoas - 250B

Imp - 400B

Silver Magnate - 400B

Tiamat - 300B

Laelaps - 230B

Raiju - 150B

Victor - 300b

Virtuoso - 180B

Caedes - 200B

Whiptail - 280B

I do have copies of all other AT ships if you are after something specific

Trades welcomed.


205 for the laelaps.

140 offer on Raiju

thanks, I have an open offer of 210 ATM for them though.

Aren’t you currently selling a Laelaps and asking a starting bid of 230b?

Good to know you think they’re worth 205b, I’m sure the people bidding on your thread would like to know that.

200b for laelaps.

Yep. It was a poke at his weird offer on my thread. So I’ll give him the same low ball.

Mine is 230. Fully fit and oh boy is it a fit. So respectfully, kiss a weird part of my body, and back to bidding. <3

210 for laelaps.


(post deleted by author)

I only need 1 hull for AT hull giveawy fleet this december. These are my bids:

Tiamat: 270b
Victor: 260b

Discord: Astrocytoma#3209

215 for the laelaps

I am saving up for an Utu if you have one of those. I haven’t seen any up recently and i’m not sure how much one would go for right now.

contract me the chremoas for your listed price, please :slight_smile:

Is the virtuoso still available?

250B for Chremoas

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