WTS Laelaps - Best Ship in the game - With video to prove it

I’ve waited a long time for this… breath

On Behalf of Hydra Reloaded, this years’ Alliance Tournament Winners, I am officially opening up the sales of this year’s ships, the Raiju and the Laelaps.

WTS Raiju
WTS Laelaps (220bn)

Check out Amelia’s most recent Laelaps video: Laelaps: The Best AT Ship in the Game - YouTube

Contact Casper#7059 or dexter xio#5179

Thank you all and please watch out for Vonhole :slight_smile:




Brb f5 spamming vonhole zkill


100b for laelaps

50b for laelaps, you are not the only distributors on the market anymore

105b for laelaps, its not worth more than this

Could’ve sworn the OP said prices were non negotiable

Please provide your AT ship activity information so you will not be caught unintentionally.
Feel free to contact Fredrick Vonhole or Kidein Orlenard.


I want a Raiju!

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Is this is a wish list or an official order request? If so what in-game name chara to create a contract to

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Will the Alliance Tournament Losers be selling Raijus at reduced rates then? Has anyone heard from Vydra?


Casper I will trade you one of each for my Tiamat, remember there is triple the amount of them almost :wink:


Bump - 1 frig and 2 cruisers left.

We had the few typical cancels - poke to get yours while prices are low

lol nice failed attempt at inducing urgency and scarcity.
The only people buying at 150b/250b are the same idiots who rush to buy a stock after a split.

At 140 BPC runs each, your prices are equivalent to 420b for a Raiju and 700b for a Laelaps if they were 50 run each like normal. No 50 run frig is selling for 400b not even the Imp. And try to think about paying 700b for a 50 run Laelaps without laughing.

something something free bump, I’m poor, get gud, etc


While cute, the demand is there, and the ships are good. Unlike the frekis or mimirs :smile:

Best of luck with your sale and in space

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WTS cambion 400bn

I think it’s hype inflation since there hasn’t been a new ship in a bit, I agree with you though, they aren’t worth the same as other AT ships when there are so many more.