WTS Laelaps - Best Ship in the game - With video to prove it



The market decides, and so far the market is very much accommodating to these prices. As a matter of fact, 150b on the Raiju was probably a bit too low. There have been a good few instances of it going higher than this now as nearly all available Raiju stock has been sold.

Also have to consider theres a lot more isk in the game now than back then, the pricing makes sense and in case of the Raiju, was arguable undervalued.

Though this is somewhat unrelated to the sale thread so, call this a free bump :slight_smile:

The market isn’t quite as accomidating for the laelaps. teams have been undercutting each other down to i think 230 currently as the lowest price (ignoring the meme 125 offer from TISHU). A lot of teams still have laelaps to sell so i expect the price to fall further.

Probably they should have originally been set at 175/225


I can offer 130bn for the Raiju, free bump if not accepted.

150B for the Raiju

155b for Raiju

165 will be the lowest i can offer on the frig, demand outdid what I expected

wtb 300b

to which ship are you speaking? If this is not a cry for attention post, please PM me in-game or discord and we can make your dreams come true

Looking to trade my Tiamat for a Laelaps and ~50b on Laelaps side of things

Laelaps Trade or isk

happy to set up a contract for isk if you like - DM me in game or discord and lets set it up


165B I buy can you make me a contract?

Nope, bump!

Bump! 2 sold, few more to go :disguised_face:

how much?

220b sir

I take it from you now

I’m in no rush, if you’re online we can have a chat (or discord; dexter xio#5179), 200b a little bit too low.