WTS Cambion, Imp, Chremoas CANCELLED

Cambion: 400b
Imp: 350b
Chremoas: 250b

SALES CANCELLED. PM me if interested
Thank you.

get your bargains here folks.

20000000 billion each

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Can offer 2 alts of cody

Fair price

Please stop trolling in my thread. ISD please delete these posts. Obviously some people can’t afford unique ships.

Imp 150, its only worth what people are willing to pay, not your unserious numbers

lmao those prices.

Anyone wanna tell him you can have those ship for… 50% of the price he want ?

who is selling them for half?

Literally everyone else on the forums

imp Minimum 250
This is the latest transaction price

I think 250-280 is reasonable

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. At ships on firesale off the shoulder of Jita. I watched expensives trades in the dark near the Perimeter Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die

You are a poet lol

Sales cancelled due to excessive trolling. If anyone non-poor is still seriously interested in buying a unique, please send me a private msg.

If everyone is trolling… maybe look at yourself in a miror ? Or idk, look at price for the last sale and question yours.

If you want i have an awesome supercarrier at 25b (unfitted) or a titan at 125b tmyk. Convo me IG. =)))))

Trolled into oblivion.

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