WTS Cambion, Imp, Chremoas CANCELLED

(Agata Matahari) #1

Cambion: 400b
Imp: 350b
Chremoas: 250b

SALES CANCELLED. PM me if interested
Thank you.

(Luv2Club69) #2

get your bargains here folks.

(Achura Deteis) #4

20000000 billion each

(Big Lynx) #5

Can offer 2 alts of cody

(sasha alexa) #7

Fair price

(Agata Matahari) #8

Please stop trolling in my thread. ISD please delete these posts. Obviously some people can’t afford unique ships.

(Dark Lord Anubis) #9

Imp 150, its only worth what people are willing to pay, not your unserious numbers

(William Hazard) #10

lmao those prices.

Anyone wanna tell him you can have those ship for… 50% of the price he want ?

(Professor William Dyer) #11

who is selling them for half?

(Luigi mon-de-sound) #12

Literally everyone else on the forums

(sasha alexa) #13

imp Minimum 250
This is the latest transaction price

(sasha alexa) #14

I think 250-280 is reasonable

(Big Lynx) #15

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. At ships on firesale off the shoulder of Jita. I watched expensives trades in the dark near the Perimeter Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die

(sasha alexa) #16

You are a poet lol

(Agata Matahari) #17

Sales cancelled due to excessive trolling. If anyone non-poor is still seriously interested in buying a unique, please send me a private msg.

(William Hazard) #18

If everyone is trolling… maybe look at yourself in a miror ? Or idk, look at price for the last sale and question yours.

If you want i have an awesome supercarrier at 25b (unfitted) or a titan at 125b tmyk. Convo me IG. =)))))

(Zahara Cody) #19

Trolled into oblivion.

(system) #20

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