I would like to buy an IMP for pvp purposes.

Please mail me.

Serious conversations only

If 250b I can try it

Not interested to be trolled

Bumping up - still looking

This guy couldn’t get one for 180b what makes you think someone will sell you one for 120?

And yes I have one

The last one sold for under 150b, plus CCP are releasing new AT vessels now, so you cant do rip off prices after all

It is reported that
There may not be more ATship

If yours is 250b, go find a different sucker. This is my buy thread and i offer 120b :slight_smile:

You cant prove you did you are just a anonymous alt making claims. On forums there is nothing so rediculous as a 250b imp purchase

so good luck

Contract it to me for 250b to prove you have one?

sure ~~~


There is no contract

I’m afraid you will accept
And there is no need to waste processing fees

My own does not sell
But I can help you to ask my friend

get your friend to open a contract with me, with a price he thinks is reasonable.

he can increase it by 5b so you can have commission.

If I think the price is reasonable, I will accept. Why make it difficult.

EDIT: and I note that you are an anonymous alt so I don’t see why I should discuss anything with you in the first place.

I will convey
Before this good luck

Still looking. Wow this is painful.