Those prices are an insult for all serious traders in eve.


You guessed correctly. I am just amused everytime when I see your silent screams for relevance and attention.


Don’t get salty my friend. Drink a Vodka and play EvE.

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Prices are insane, but it’s a free market so you can sell those space vessels for any price you want.

do you have any frekis

to be fair them prices are a bit high mate

Glad to still see Cody and Lynx are still continue to love each by hate’n each other over the years , this is what keeps yous two ALIVE in life and Eve ,
anyways was hope’n to get a whiptail but i dont see it in the list

p.s. i like yous both , why cant we all be friends , lol
i will take the G-Vex for 300bill if anyone sees this ,that has

Happy New Year to all Readers and Eve Players except Shadow Cartel and Triumvirate

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dont those go for 1T or something

also wtb freki )))

No, they go for 1.5T

Is this the meetup of poors? im right here?


cades was 100b a month or so ago

Nah its just Cody’s and Lynx’s alts wrestling each other.

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Still available at these prices.

From the windows to the wall.

Weekend bump

Added a couple more…

Oh is it that time of year again ?? Wondered when the Zahara would need his EPEEN fix again as its been a while. :wink::wink::wink:

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You probably need to get out more.