In public contracts.

Only 20b. Cheapest AT ship in the game at the moment

Can’t really see any public auction with a caedes hull or blueprint up.

Still only 20B…

Im not really into it till the last days, but im excited to see how high it goes :*

Pretty much this. Unless it has a day or two to go I really don’t care.

If you do care, it’s still 20B

You can have my Nyx for this and some isk. I would like to pvp in it :slight_smile:

4 days left on this, still the cheapest AT ship in game, by far…

less then 24 HRS remaining…

so, you relisting in couple hours after the auction or?

There is no reserve, so it will sell.

Whats it at currently

10 hrs left on this.

W hats it at? I can’t bid because im at work. But I’m interested to know what it auctions for.

Right now its 92.5b

Sweet, thanks.

1 Hour Left

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