WTS Caedes (108.5B high bid) ends midnight!

This will be an auction of a Caedes covert ops frigate. Please only make offers on this thread.

buyout is 120B
Trade for whiptail desirable
Auction ends 20th Sept midnight.


*,.-’'-.,.-The Ship-.,.-'’-.,


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90b start

100 bil

105 b. love the pics u’v attached btw.

bump up to the top all offers notes 105b from Dosperado is high bid

You want it

106 bil

107b offer



Does this auction have a specific closing date?

:confusedparrot:OK buyout is set at 120B.
:twinsparrot:I am willing to consider trades - I have an interest in the whiptail.
:thumbsupparrot:This auction will end at midnight on 20th Sept unless buyout or trade established.
:explodyparrot:High bid is currently 108 from Cody.

High bid is 108B, 1 day to go and its sold.


High bid is 108.5 with a 9 hours to go.

Buyout is 120B, also I will accept a trade involving a whiptail (isk my side) as a buyout.


109 bil

110 bil


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