WTS>>> Caedes (SOLD)

WTS>>> Caedes
hull, Jita

I reconsided a little… Buyout price is 230b.
In three days i will sell the Caedes whoever offers a higher bid.
Curren ingame highest bid is 210b.
There is also another Virtuoso +15b… but since i am not interesting in trade the bid with 210b is highest for now.

Just so you know how amazing Caedes is :slight_smile:

Highest bid is 210b

btw WTS>>>Abyssal BCS 32.4%! for Virtuoso or Tytan

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Will trade Virt & 2 Estamel launchers for Caedes


In a day the Caedes will find a new owner. It’s not much times for a bidding left. Hurry up and make a bid if you are interesting in this amazing unique vessel!

Highest bid: 210b

Exchange with BPC Komodo estimed 300B

will you be okay?

Not interested. Sorry
I accept isk only

Since there is no more any decent bids in isk, in a few hours i am going to rise up a contract for a 210b.
Last chance for bids!

Just so you know how amazing a Caedes is :slight_smile:

Contract is up and available for three days

mailed you

Since a buyer is missing somewhere and still not accept my contract.

i decided to accept your offer.
check a contract! :slight_smile:
Hurry up and accept!

thanks :heart:

that was fast :smiley:

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Someone who’s looking for Caedes

He traded his komodo bpc for this one.

Hmm interesting, btw how much the last few of tgose went on forums, arround 300?

Haven’t seen one go for more than 250… that might change…

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