WTS Chremoas, Whiptail (sold ) , Caedes

Chremoas (+pvp fit of you want) and Caedes (+x2pvp fit if you want for close and long range combat) with kill marks
Whiptail is clean empty vessel
Only one Chremoas left in my possession so it quite precious for me. Therefore I will not consider anyoffers below 500b.
All others offers welcome

Also may trade for vortuoso+isk (option available for whip and Caedes only)

Feel free to post here or mail me in game

Can offer a Hydra + ISK for any of them also got a Molok BPC to trade in as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 1 hydra in my collection. I don’t like it actually. Maybe i will sell it later.

BTW Whiptail is gone (traded for virtuoso+isk)

For Caedes I don’t have any particular prices in my mind. So just waiting for bids.
When I heard a pleasant price I will sell it


What about this bcs for your new nice Virtuoso? :slight_smile:
Much better than Estamel’s: DPS+32.4%!

Am not going to use it anytime soon.
How much do you want for this bcs?


To the top

150b for the caedes.

Thx. But no, thx. I had few offers for 200b+
Highest bid 230b.
But still it’s slightly lower than the ship worth.
It’s better than Chremoas and low in circulation on the market. Also seven was lost.
Looking at least 300b

If the Caedes is better then the Chrem, why are you selling it for less?

155b bid, Caedes

Chremoas 37/50. Chremoas appeared more earley and most of them are in the hands of collectioners right now. So there are not many chanses left to buy it for less then 500b, imho.
I saw a topic with price for the ship about 400-450b. You should buy it. Probably it is the last one or at least last of the very few which would be sold so cheep.
Caedes 43/50. In pvp this ship is much more usefull than chremoas. Also it’s much more tanky, damagy and less demanding for the pilot’s personal skills. If you have a stable internet connection it’s much more difficult lost it.
My price was calculated about 300b because from the begining it costs was only half compared the Chremoas.
Also in my posession more then one of the Caedes. So i wouldn’t bother much to get max isk from selling it as selling the whiptail as well.

But i change my opinion thx for you mate. After a briff glance throught the forum i relized the Caedes is much scarse in suply than even chremoas. At this time most people probably understand the true value of the Caedes so there is no more people who wants to sell it especialy for the rediculusly low price.
Considering all of this i decided to increase price up to 400b


lol when in doubt increase the price 33%. I smell a 2+ year forum post inbound.

235b bid on the Caedes

I have one of each. Dont care much for your pricing. More curious about your reasoning.

Much better
But it’s not good enough

to the top


check mail pls

250 for the Caedes!
isk ready!

Mail replied to ingame offers
Few bids too low
Highest one 273b