:dealwithitparrot: WTS Chremoas 400B buyout (s s s SOLD!)

Want this?
Well you’ll have to pay for it.

Liquid isk or trades will be considered provided of serious nature. Send me a number, I’ll have a look. I also have an abyssal fit of epic proportions but you have to pay more for that on top. If I consider you a seriously interested party then I will be more than happy to send it to you in a mail for your review. Here is a taster:

1:1 for caedes

Nice try!

For sale

Try to bid

Up to top

I’ll start you off at 300B

All mails have been responded to.

Also thank you Brann. Your bid is well noted.

Heuston we have lift off!


Last chance to get it sub 500 bil. This is one of the best ones to own.

Sale is closed.

I had a bid just under 350b but sorry this is one of the best ones, and I will look forward to selling for much more later.

Update - someone agreed on the deal at the 11th hour and the ship and the fit is GONE and SOLD!

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