SOLD, sorry


Please mail me the full fit. Thank you. How many do you have in stock?

Fit sent, selling only one Caedes.

Fat fit, good rolls.

Your price is 10b more than going rates, are you trying to run a profit or just testing the market?

If you want to sell fast then take 10b off. Mail me.


Considering the cost of abyssals and a demand of this space vessel on market I think the price is pretty good, I’m not in a hurry

Still fore sale. Best price on market and a perfectly rolled fit.

Still for sale

sent em mail with fit and last price pls

can u send me the fit and price pls

(or just post here)

Mails with abyssals sent, price is in the first post.

Up we go, still for sale

To the top!

Still for sale

I am interested can you mail me the fit.


Still for sale

Price going up soon

So you can’t sell it at your current price so you’re going to up the price? :thinking:

You haven’t figured out how it works yet?

I will send you a message in the next 48 hours regarding this vessel.

This one is sold, if I will get my hands on another one I will update this thread.