WTS x2 Fully Fitted Thanatos, x1 Fully Fitted anti cap Moros, x1 Fully Fitted Apostle, x 1 Fully Fitted anti sub fit Naglfar, x1 Fully Fitted anti Cap Naglfar., x1 Fully Fitted anti Cap Revelation

All caps are located in the same station in low-sec Metropolis.

Please message me for all fits of anything you are interested in.

I have previously sold Nyxes and have Trusted status.


Where is the specific location? If i think the price is very cheap, I will buy all of them. Please tell me the price and location

All the caps are in Avenod and are fully fuelled and fitted.

I have broken down the Evepraisal valuation of the contents of each ships:

Naglfar sub cap fit contents 2.78bil, hull 3.5b = 6.28bil

Naglfar anti cap fit contents 2.24bil, hull 3.5bil = 5.74bil

Thanatos 1 contents(including fighters) 1.37bil, hull 2.5b = 3.87bil - SOLD

Thantos 2 contents(including fighters) 1.35bil, hull 2.5b = 3.85bil - SOLD

Apostle contents 1.54bil, hull 4.5bil = 6.04bil - SOLD

Moros contents 1.86bil, hull 2.8bil = 4.66bil - SOLD

Revelation contents 1.88bil, hull 4bil = 5.88bil - SOLD

The prices are not sell based, but buy based, so there is a lot of room for profit here. All fits are to a high standard T2 and some bling. You could strip the fittings(apart from rigs) and make a good profit, or sell fit with the market mark up margins.

I hope this helps Ulster?

30 Bil for the lot?

Please message me ingame but in theory yes, assuming we can reach a compromise. Happy to do a deal.

Mail sent

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