WTS 6 Dreads, Apostle, Sin (price dropped for full package)

As mentioned, I’ve got multiple caps and a Sin to get rid of. 2 Moros, 3 Nags, a Revelation, and an Apostle. All vessels are located in Rahadalon in a NPC station.


I will list my price along the name of each ship for individual sales, or I would be willing to sell the ENTIRE list for the nice low price of 7.975 billion isk, leaving a lot of room to make some profit if you are looking to pick them up for trade! The cost of each ship if you buy the entire package is in parenthesis.

Send me a mail in-game if you would like to pickup one of these wonderful ships and I will get a private contract set up for you asap! I will update this post after every sale as soon as possible.

Moros 1.4b (1.2b)

  • 3 Capital Trimark Armor Pump I
  • 66476 Oxygen Isotopes
  • 2345 Antimatter Charge XL

Moros 1.2b (1b)

  • 57262 Oxygen Isotopes

Naglfar 1.2b (1b)

  • 64417 Hydrogen Isotopes

Naglfar 1.2b (1b)

  • 44436 Hydrogen Isotopes

Naglfar 1.2b (1b)

  • 64417 Hydrogen Isotopes

Revelation 1.2b (1b)

  • 86734 Helium Isotopes

Apostle 850m (775m)

  • 64417 Helium Isotopes

Sin 1.2b (1b)

Thanks for looking!

Message sent

These are all still available. Price lowered slightly, these are great deals, easy 1b in profit just on cap sales alone if you buy the entire package and resell!

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