WTS 4 revs 1 apostle [Sold]

Revs have 2 nano pump rigs and 1 nanabot accelerator. 1.42b e/a
Apostle has the same rigs as the revs. 950m
Comes with fuel.

located in minmatar lowsec station.
if you buy all at once i’ll give 500m discount

throw them my way

sent you a mail

no response from the banana man yet so this is still up for sale

I didn’t want your full fittings which was not advertized in this post :slight_smile:

ok well ~~ I can still sell you with no fits like I stated in the mail

i want all the revs give me anumber and let me know… online at all times

Can you mail me the station they’re in?

1.47x4 = 5.88b, for all revs. Let me know if and I’ll set up the contract. 500m discount if you take apostle too.

mail sent


up and up

still here

price lowered

cheap as it gets

go up^


cheapest revs in eve

Contract them to be like I asked initially :slight_smile:

contract up homie