WTS Apostle in Pochven

Hi there,

i have an apostle forsale in Pochven.
Its location is Tunudan at docked station.
After years of inactivity its stuck there…
Its full Triage fit (used to be an triage archon before my inactivity)
If anyone is interessted, reply to this post or convo me ingame.

kind regards

this guy needs to be banned from the forums. nonstop troll posts from Achura Deteis

ill offer 8b :slight_smile: to start this off!

and what system if possible? ty

Location is written above now (Tunudan)
8b is not a bad price, but we have to figure out details due to its partly faction fit (concord cap reps*2 and faction energized)
I will contact you Sunday evening to Monday morning and close this around the same time

9b 9b

Current highest offer is 11b!

Sell ends THIS evening! Winner will be convod at tomorrow morning !

Kind regards

And its over, winner will be contacted!

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