WTS Tunudan/Pochven Capitals

I have several capitals for sale in an internal, Krai Svarog, Pochven system.

2x Thanatos
2s Archon
1x Apostle
1x Moros

All ships are fit for PVP. Considering new capitals cannot enter this system I am looking at between 15-20 bil a piece. Convo me in game if you are interested as I wont be paying much attention to the forum.

Hello. With all due respect, your prices are sky high compared to market value. Other caps in Pochven have been sold at around 3-4b for carriers, and about 5-6b for dreads/FAXes. I’d be willing to buy your Tunudan caps (I assume all the ones you’ve listed are in Tunudan?), but only if you’re willing to bring those prices down to be in line with the averages. Evemail me if you’re willing to sell or negotiate with me :smiley:

2.5b for a Thanatos

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