WTB: Pochven Capitals & Capital Modules

Message me in game with what you have and which system you have it in. Obviously a premium to be paid for these things because Pochven, but please be reasonable. If we agree on a price, you can contract me directly.

Interested primarily in Dreads/Carriers/Faxes.

Interested in Capital Modules and Ammunition as well. Happy to pay a reasonable premium. Be sure to check those Pochven hangars.

5 procured so far. Thanks to those who have reached out and deals made so far.

We’re still taking reasonable offers, eve mail the capital, fit and location to us in game with how much you’d like. We respond to all offers, even if a deal cannot be made.


Just as a side note, we’re not looking for Orcas/Rorquals/Freighters/Jump Freighters. But thank you to those who reached out about them.

Another bump and another Carrier procured.

If you know of others who have capital assets in Pochven and they are looking to shift them on for ISK, I’m happy to pay a 50m commission for any leads that result in a successful sale.

Get them to message me in game with what they have, and ensure they mention you referred them, and after the deal is completed I’ll forward your character the 50m ISK commission.

Hi Shin! I’m also a buyer of caps in pochven so if you have any spare ones you’d like to sell over to me for a profit feel free to reach out!

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Hi Archiviste, great minds - actually I have already sent you an in game mail. Maybe we can work together on a few things. Thanks!

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