WTS Capitals in Pochven

Disclaimer: This is an alt. I will not reveal my main characters name identity.

I was away from the game for a while and heard about all these new changes. I came back to find a bunch of my capitals in Pochven space. I am considering just starting fresh since everything is different since last I played. To that end I am listing a few extremely hard to obtain items for sale, if the price is right. Please only contact me by mail, I will not accept conversations when this character is online, except from a buyer. The sale will be by personal contract to the buyer.

The price is negotiable…

1x Nidhogger: Modules of note 3x Capital Core Defence Field I rigs, 2x Fighter Support Unit 1, Concord Capital Shield Booster, 1x Pith-B Shield Booster Amp, 27 dragoin fly II, 6x Gugnir I, 6x Tyrfing I… plus other modules.

1x Naglfar: Packaged/Unfitted

1x Rorqual: Modules of note 3x Mining Foreman Burst II, 1x Industrial Core I, 1x Concord Capital Shield Booster, No Rigs

1x Charon

They are completely useless, I have also an archon and no on replied, others have supers and Titans there and nothing.

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