WTS Pochven Capitals & Super

3x Thanatos, fitted & T2 rigged field extenders (shield) 50bn each ono.

1x Nyx Armour Rig, no fit but can move if needed. 450bn ono.

Please mail in game, these prices are wanted but other offers are encouraged. I have valued these at the price as I am not aware of any other capitals in yet.

Something might be wrong with those pieces. And what system is the Nyx in?

I think the prices are fair as capitals cannot gate Pochven currently & as such they are one offs. I think the price matches the abbility to field supers and caps when others are stuck in subcaps. I am valuing them through the same lens high sec capitals are priced. Except Pochven has no capital restriction rule for pve or pvp.

I am keeping the system name for shhhh for now in case buyer wants that but if it does not sell I will provide system name.

Ahahahaha lol, dude. That is the funniest thing I have ever seen XD. 450 bil nyx and 50 bil carrier… Wow.

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I think you are going too cheap … people will probably spend 10x times that on caps in Povchen, though depending on the system, as you can’t move.

If you get that, feel free to send a share my way for the hint. ;D

I agree with tipa - should start nyx bid at 900b at least

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Is a Nyx good for farming drone kills? Probably.

What stops me from just building normal caps in there?

@Brewlar_Kuvakei Not sure how you get your prices based on “I am valuing them through the same lens high sec capitals are priced” because you are not allowed to sell capitals like carriers, supers, titans, fax, dreads that are in highsec.

So should be more worth then? Considering you can actually use them in pochven.

CCP rule setting.

WTS Carrier in pochven

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