WTS Legacy Nyx w/ T2 Trimarks in Aunenen NPC-Station *Updated*

Im selling a Nyx in the Aunenen NPC-Station with Fuel

  • Nyx
  • Large Trimark T2 x3
  • 24k Oxy


trade for non-legacy nyx with T2 trimarks (same fit as yours, ~100 killmarks) also in Aunenen + 1b?

No thank you.

Still for sale 18,5B

What if I overpay 1.5b

You want to trade my Nyx against yours and pay me 1.5B?


Well I am probably “dump” but can someone explain me what is the different between Legacy a non Legacy Nyx please ?
Because if is just a SKIN , then you cant sell the SKIN with the Nyx , because SKIN is permanent in character head :slight_smile:

Before CCP introduced capital rigs the supers used to be fit with large rigs. Supers fitted with large rigs are called legacy supers.

Still for sale

The difference is just in size but it doesnt effect the ship at all still same bounses and not any more valuable than a regular rigged nyx. Mail me IG or PM me im interested in this.

If you are interested feel free to write me a Mail or place a BO in this thread. Price is 18,5B.

Still for sale!

For sale

For Sale!

Still up

Up for sale!

Still for sale

Still up!

Still up

For sale!

Still for sale in the Npc-Station

For sale