[WTS] Legacy Nyx in Aunenen

I’d like to sell Nyx rigged with 3 T2 Large Trimarks.
Post your offers here or send me evemail directly.

Would you accept a nyx with T2 capital trimarks and some isk? If so, how much would you value the difference?

Unfortunately not - I just want to sell it :slight_smile:

Hit me up with your offers!

14b cuz it’s in lowsec.

Thanks for irrelevant lowball offer, still for sale!
(if you can’t protect your super, you should probably not own it)

Still for sale!

Get more and more unique legacy Nyx today!
Send me your offers via evemail or post them here
Looking at aprox. 23b

Get your own legacy Nyx today, they are becoming more and more rare!

Legacy Nyx still for sale!

Get your rare legacy Nyx today!

Legacy Nyx still looking for new owner :slight_smile:

17b isk.

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