[WTS] Legacy Aeon / Nyx in Aunenen


  1. Legacy (3x Large T2 Trimarks) Aeon in Aunenen - 17.9b
  2. Legacy (3x Large T2 Trimarks) Nyx in Aunenen - 21b (hit me up for private contract)

All available on public contracts :slight_smile:

69b for all 3

Bump for today

17b for the legacy Nyx.
15b for the legacy Aeon.

Bump for the day (also lol at that offer above)

3 supers still available, 2 of them are rare legacy ones with large rigs!

Bump for the new day!
Only today 1b off the price for each of Aeons!

Contract non legacy Aeon to me for 17.49b. Will accept after work.

Melanie, contract is up.

Legacy Aeon still available for only 17.9b!

Both Aeons still available in reduced prices (above buyer pulled out), get in touch with me for private contract today!

Nyx still available?
If so, 18.5b

Supers still for sale, the prices are still below current market plus 2 rare legacy supers available!

Still available, pick your new Aeon now - they’ve been cleaned and you can barely say half of the ship is missing… :slight_smile:

31.5b for both Aeons

How about… no? :slight_smile:
Supers still for sale, also slightly lower price for legacy Nyx!

Hel added, also bump!

Supers still for sale, prices are still low :slight_smile:

Hel has been sold, Aunenen supers still for sale (and below public contract prices :slight_smile: )

Get your Aeon/Nyx today, legacy supers at really low prices!

All supers available on public contracts now, at competitive prices!