Wts: All sold

Price firm, will put up on public contract shortly.

Edit; More up, these sell quick because I price to sell. Don’t bother PMing as they sell faster then people take to negotiate pricing.

2 Nyx 18.8b (1 up, 1 on the way)
1 Hel 18.8b
1 Aeon 16.6b(Will have a 2nd coming out in a few days)

EDIT: All sold, thanks for playing!

Bump, top post edited. PMs to those who were interested in my last run sent out as well.

Two more added this morning, super early in the morning. And both at cheap prices. Two more will come out before the weekend.

Edit: down to last.

Bump aeon left

Bump 5 supers in stock. Let me know

EDIT: Down to 3,

2 Nyx
1 Hel

Everything is sold, but I have 1 more Nyx coming out within the hour. Will be up on public contract, like the others, priced to sell

Edit; Last nyx from me for awhile, up for 18.74b