WTS Aeon - Amarr Supercarrier

WTS Aeon.

There’s only one or two more in public contracts right now but this is the cheapest even with the buyout price!

Located in Derelik NPC station.

Has Legacy Rigs, 2 x T2 Large Trimark and 1 x T2 Capital Trimark

Buyout Price : 57 B

Up in public contracts for 56 B

Willing to go lower. Bid here or mail me in-game.

Get it before others purchase it in public contracts.

Still for sale. Buy your Legacy Rigged Aeon.
Cheaper than the other Aeons present on contracts.

Get your Amarr Imperial Mothership

Still for sale. Last one sold for 52-52 B. Looking to sell around this price.

Still for sale. Get your Amarr Supercarrier right now.

Still selling. Buy your collector’s item.

Bruh, this thread is lonely

… without you to buy.

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