[WTS] Legacy Aeon in Aunenen

I wanna part with Aeon rigged with Large T2 Trimarks, fuel included - available as public contract in Aunenen Keepstar.

Aeon has been put onto public contracts

Still for sale

Still selling

Only legacy Aeon on contracts, hit me up if you have reasonable offer (no, 17b is not)

Still available

Legacy Aeon is still waiting for his/her new owner!
Mail me with your offers :slight_smile:

Legacy super still for sale!

It’s an Aeon.
It’s in Lowsec.
PL will be hunting it.


Thanks for irrelevant lowball offer, still for sale!

Still available, open to (reasonable) offers!

Legacy Aeon still for sale!
Will consider getting rid of it for 19.5b

Still selling, 19.5b gets the legacy Aeon!

16b private contract to me

Grab your legacy Aeon today, 19.5b in Aunenen!

Still available!

Rare legacy Aeon still for sale

16b max

No thanks, this Aeon is not low tier… :wink:

then i wish you best of luck lmao