WTS Erebus, Nyx and Complete Large Rigged Gallente Capital Collection

Selling some old ships. Complete collection. Some of these are older than most toons. Specially the bus.
Ships include:


All large trimark rigged. T2 on the supers.
Throw me a good offer and have a wacky collection that you can actually use!

Buy meeeeeee

50b for the bus

Don’t be a poor

Come and get them

18b for the nyx assuming it is in a lowsec pubstar.

Where are these located, might be interested if the hulls are in the right area of low sec

All located in aunennen except for the nyx.

Wrong area of eve for me then

easy to move via the trade network or even without, just wait till 20 seconds before downtime and have an emergency DC fitted :stuck_out_tongue:

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Go get your new titan here!


Go and buy me

How much is one night?

Where is the nyx located?

For you lynx, one owl. Nyx is at misaba. Had some fun with it in co2.

15b for the nyx

You have weeded out everyone that doesn’t care about legacy rigs.

Yeah… i do wonder why offering me 15b for a lovely nyx is a good deal… for me.