WTS Nyx at Npc Station

(Luna Pollard) #1

Ship: NYX (Supercarrier)
Fit: https://evepraisal.com/a/g08bc
(Rigs are large t2 so add 1.5b more to eve-praisal to assess)
T2 Large rigs fitted. (it’s very old nyx)
3x Trimarks Fitted T2
50k fuel
Combat Fit (worth 9b)

Loc: Misaba V - Moon 3 - Zoar and Sons Factory (NPC Station)
Prize: 30b B/O
Contact: forums only for now (might not see eve-mail)

(Luna Pollard) #2

daily bump

(Luna Pollard) #3

Still for sale… (Daily bump)

(Jovius Marginus) #4

How much for just the hull?

(Luna Pollard) #5

it is all or nothing sir. sorry. buy the ship and sell the fit if you want

(Noramrock) #6

i can offer 25b

(Jovius Marginus) #7

Is a liquidity issue…but it’s all good mate :slight_smile:
Gl selling it :slight_smile:

(Luna Pollard) #8

Daily bump!

(Luna Pollard) #9

still for sale!
lowered to 30b

(Luna Pollard) #10

still for sale!
Daily bump…

(Luna Pollard) #11

still for sale! its fair price

(ItsmeHcK1) #12

I’ll offer 24b.

(Luna Pollard) #13

Thx for the offer

(Luna Pollard) #14

Hello, It’s still for sale

(Luna Pollard) #15

It’s still for sale if you interesting.

(Viridiana 'Vi' Sovari) #16

It’s an extremely dangerous area of space watched over by multiple hunting groups and it’s an kick-out NPC station, with the upcoming changes to tether mechanics for capitals, it’s going to make it hazardous to get it out safely.

I’ll offer 25B

(Luna Pollard) #17

Still for sale…

(Luna Pollard) #18

if you are interestiing
Nyx is still for sale…

(Viridiana 'Vi' Sovari) #19

My offer still stands :slight_smile:

25B due to the location.

(Luna Pollard) #20

thx i will consider