WTS Nyx at Npc Station

Ship: NYX (Supercarrier)
Fit: https://evepraisal.com/a/g08bc
(Rigs are large t2 so add 1.5b more to eve-praisal to assess)
T2 Large rigs fitted. (it’s very old nyx)
3x Trimarks Fitted T2
50k fuel
Combat Fit (worth 9b)

Loc: Misaba V - Moon 3 - Zoar and Sons Factory (NPC Station)
Prize: 30b B/O
Contact: forums only for now (might not see eve-mail)

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Still for sale… (Daily bump)

How much for just the hull?

it is all or nothing sir. sorry. buy the ship and sell the fit if you want

i can offer 25b

Is a liquidity issue…but it’s all good mate :slight_smile:
Gl selling it :slight_smile:

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still for sale!
lowered to 30b

still for sale!
Daily bump…

still for sale! its fair price

I’ll offer 24b.

Thx for the offer

Hello, It’s still for sale

It’s still for sale if you interesting.

It’s an extremely dangerous area of space watched over by multiple hunting groups and it’s an kick-out NPC station, with the upcoming changes to tether mechanics for capitals, it’s going to make it hazardous to get it out safely.

I’ll offer 25B

Still for sale…

if you are interestiing
Nyx is still for sale…

My offer still stands :slight_smile:

25B due to the location.

thx i will consider