[WTS] Nyx, t2 rigged. Maila

(Captain Chandler) #1

+50k fuel
Selling ship and fit 23b, or ship+rigs 20b

(Captain Chandler) #2

still up

(Tali'Shepard Vas Normandy) #3

offering 22b for ship and fit

(Captain Chandler) #4

I’ll have to decline your offer, but thank you for the bump.

(Captain Chandler) #5

Daily bump.

(Captain Chandler) #6

Price lowered to 23b, still for sale.

(Captain Chandler) #7

Another lovely day in paradise, the Nyx is still available.

(ItsmeHcK1) #8

I’ll give you 22b for the whole thing.

(system) #9

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