WTS Leviathan in POCHVEN Krai-Perun

300 bil Fitted

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The most unique and useless ship in the game.

Titan in pochven is very useful, you can still bridge stuff out to non-pochven space that is in jump range (systems still same position they were before).

As I am known Character trader from 2009 (see my history) at this forum I herewith confirm that this Titan+fit are selling at Pochven

Such a “great authority”


Good luck. With that.


Ill buy it for 10b and some lime+orange tictacs sent to you 1st class post

Please specify what system


RMT confirmed. is 600bil your legit asking price?

they cost almost 300 billion to make with the new industry changes? I assume you understand Pochven mechanics regarding capitals? how is 2x price increase considered “RMT confirmed?” it’s not a good deal but it isn’t completely unreasonable either.

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do not write nonsense, I am not asking for an RMT deal, I put the price on 600 bil Isk. If you do not understand the mechanics of Pochven and the prices of capital ships there, just pass by.

170 bil

Dont get triggered. It was a joke concerning what Drake said…

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300 bil build cost plus 300 bil in drama.

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I understand how capitals in Pochven work, and how prices are in there (Im directly responsible for the masses of people listing dreads/carriers/FAXes for 10b+, cuz I bought Lussy Lou’s Pochven Phoenix)

The price increases many people are aiming for are largely delusional, as nobody is seriously buying caps at several times market value (my purchase was a freak anomaly, but many ignore that and just list ludicrously anyways).

A Leviathan for 600b is absolute nonsense. For starters, current titan prices are around 170-200b on contracts, meaning this is around 3-3.5x markup for a ship thats only use is bridging subcaps into nearby lowsec.

Afaik, only 1 titan has been bought in Pochven and it was bought for a little under 2x market value, at around 170b before indy changes. This means a more appropriate price would be in the ballpark of 300-350b, however even then you’d really struggle to find any buyer because that is an absolute ■■■■ ton of money to spend on such a toy. It also doesn’t help you haven’t specified what system the Leviathan is in, or if it’s in an NPC station, citadel, or safelogged.

TL;DR: Way overpriced, very niche toy, missing some useful info from seller. Most likely just a misguided seller who doesn’t actually understand the market


if he wants to sell it at that price i’d still pay the 10b, unfortunately i ate the lime and orange tictacs tho

also yeah the titans in pochven are basically only collectors items, the only thing they can do in this space is either jump out and be a normal titan, or be a glorified bridge with limited range aroundthe system its in (aka, its a blackops but worse)

for what its worth, the nalvula erebus was sold for aboutg 200b, so with the indy chances you’d probably get 280-300b for it max

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