WTS Leviathan T5ZI (delve)

Evepraisal - Appraisal zhzsw: 12 Billion Buy / 16.77 Billion Sell full fit and refits

will strip the fit and cargo if requested

will only consider offers above 100b for hull. buyout at 150b hull.

contract to me

making an offer beforehand is advisable

adding a evepraisal also
gl with that 165b hyper levi


updated op

next week its cheap, nothing todo with luck I guess, but I am exciting what rly happens in the market and if ppl willing to pay like 95bil for a nyx. Anyway, I am happy that I bought a titan+super 2 weeks ago.

lol gl

Indy changes are huge bud

I know…

first bump of many

it is what it is

75b offer

eeeeee .

■■■■ about

learn what for


110b today

hmmm 115 (a rag sold for that much today so i think its fair)

115 seems resonable. can you contract me ? I want to take a look