Buying ALL Titans/Supers Lowsec

NPC station (asset safety) or freeport, don’t mind. Posts here will usually be replied to quickly, mails in game checked most evenings.

6 happy customers so far.

Can move into Aridia.
How much would you pay?

I’d be willing to pay low 60s. Are you asset-safety’ing it or moving to freeport?

I have this in Black Rise. It has already been asset safety-ed and can be contracted to whatever pilot you’d like



Ah sorry, that’s a bit over budget. I was looking to spend 60b as it’s just the hull I’m interested.

Gotcha. Just FYI, most folks will not be willing to part with a titan hull for null sec build prices, but if you came up with another 5b, we could probably come to an agreement

I’m a patient buyer waiting for a motivated seller :slight_smile:

Still looking.


After a flurry of activity and some happy customers created, looking to buy more supers/titans.

Great to hear! I have that titan I linked earlier this month for sale for 62.5b still in a Black Rise low sec. Can contract if you accept. Thanks!

Hey dude, Levis are going for low 50’s currently: 51b and demand is pretty lackluster, the most I could offer is 50b I’m afraid.

No worries. Pretty sure I can reproc for more haha. Cheers o7

Yeah sorry bud.

2 more happy customers today.

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Hel located in Black Rise lowsec w/ T2 Hyperspatial rigs.


i have 1 hel hull 1 fitted hel and 1 fitted nyx in basg for sale

If you send me mails in game with fittings etc. I’ll get back to you with a price for the lot when I’m back from work this evening.