Buying ALL Titans/Supers Lowsec

All mails replied to, hopefully some more happy customers in the making. [Bump]


What you paying for t2 trimark nyx hull?

16b assuming it’s lowsec.

Cool, can i get one off of you? In LS t2 trimark and for 16B?

Do you know what trading is?

Yeah im trading my isk for a nyx. Trading. 16B too low for you?

Flagged your posts for trolling.

I dont get it. Unless you’re lowballing people yet get offended when I ask to buy at the same price. I guess you call it “trolling” because it shows you’re lowballing?

Do you go to a shop and ask to buy produce at cost-price? No because that’s an imbecile thing to do. All vendors buy at a price lower than they sell at, that’s what I’m doing, that’s what this profession is, that’s how you make a profit - I offer people a price for a quick sale and they are under no obligation to accept it, it’s just an offer.

If you can’t handle that you should probably go and live in the woods and eat berries because that’s how capitalism works.

You entered this thread not with any legitimate interest, just to make yourself feel smart, but you look like a smoothbrained moron who doesn’t understand the very basics of economics.

Ill pay 50mil more with my minimum wage isk for whatever price the OP is offering.

Eeco numics OP

O2 jayjay


You mad?

That’s your retort… “You mad?” - enjoy your lifetime in minimum wage work, I didn’t realise I was arguing with a child.


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