WTS leviathan and ragnarok AT “1DQ”

I’ll sell it if the price is right

how much about levi?

Name your price and I’ll sell it if it suits you

fits or hull?

Bring all the equipment you need

Evepraisal - Appraisal 14wwo0: 79.16 Billion Buy / 82.39 Billion Sell Evepraisal - Appraisal 14wwnx: 68.37 Billion Buy / 69.48 Billion Sell

110b offer levi with fits

The price is too low for me to accept

so give me your price

Waiting for the right price

Sent you a PM

I only need ISK and no other ships

Waiting for the right price

My offer is still valid in case you change your mind. Free bump

Sell all

120b leviathan?

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