SOLD - WTS 5 Revelations, 6 Apostles and 1 Ninazu + separate free contract for fuel and stront

Hi there,

WTS 5 Revelations, 6 Apostles and 1 Ninazu, located in Olfeim IV - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support

Bulk price is set to 13 Bil ISK, private contract will be issued.

Separate FREE contract will be issued for 550.000 Helium Isotopes, 50.000 Oxygen Isotopes and 12.333 Strontium Clathrates, which are located in Olfeim V - CBD Corporation Storage

Contact me here or ingame.


Still for sale

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Open convo with me ingame :slight_smile:

Make contract to me. I’ll accept in about an hour from now. Thanks o7

I will take contract price :slight_smile:

Ready to accept for 13 bil

SOLD following ingame offer for 14 bil.


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