[SOLD] WTS 2 Apostles in Reynire ( Lowsec )

Selling following capitals.

2 Apostles with 20000 Helium Isotopes, in Reynire.

800M for each.
Leave comments here or Ingame mail me if interested.

Throw both revs my way :slight_smile:

Will accept when I’m done playing tarkov :smiley:

Contract is up :slightly_smiling_face:

Contracts accepted. Thank you for a deal :grin:
Two Apostles are still available :grinning:

I’ll offer 1.5b for both Apostle

Thanks for the offer but it’s too low

Apostle - lowest on market is 725m, extra 25m per ship for convenience of location seems fair.

I’ll note your offer but price doesn’t change.

Bump !

Contract me both for 1.6

Smart Client here :ccpguard:
Contract is up :wave:

Contract’s accepted :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for all my clients :upside_down_face:

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