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Hi All,

I’ve edited this thread to remove the other ships and keep it simple. I have a Molok for sale, which is the first one to ever be build in game, with a fitting should the buyer wish to take all the fittings or just some.

I can prove the ships age / my claim with a simple killmark chain.

The ship is in a station in an NPC station in Lonetrek.

Price - 325b



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How much for all the db mods?

This needs a NSFW tag!


Hi there - I’m not looking to sell the mods individually incase the Molok buyer wants the fit, or part of the fit.
If there are items left, they’ll be available seperately.

Thank you,


How about full fit? Also any interest in trading for at ships?

I would be happy to sell the full fitting in one go - the price is 450b.

I am open to trades with AT ships, etc.

Drop me a mail with your thoughts ?


Contract Caiman on this char pls.

Hay Bud,

Just contract you the Caiman.

Thank you and hope you get to enjoy it!


Where is Statinos? I don’t think that’s a real system

he mean Stations in Lonetrek, dont think he give you the name of the System, for the safty of his buyers, cause if u know where these ships, this system will be camped 24/7 i think

Yup - and bump for the day. Caiman sold.

Bump for le evening.

Lord I don’t have enough for this, but just wanted to say you have a VERY impressive collection.

Thank you for the complament - quite a lot of time was consumed in scouring forums and various markets ingame to put it all together.

Good news, the collection can belong to someone else for only isk!

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Ill offer 25b for that Chemosh. They aren’t worth 40b even in the Imperium

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Who cares about the imperium? Nice collection.

wanna buy a loggerhead bpc for 50b?

Bump for the evening. Chemosh sold.

Still awailable

Ships and fittings could still be yours