Intentionally left blank

I can offer you 280b for the komodo hull. pm if interested!

Hay bud,

Thank you for the offer but it’s low.

I’m aware of what the BPCs sell for, but that’s only if they’re available and you win the bids. This Komodo is available now. I’m happy to negotiate but 280b is too low.

If you’d like to talk numbers further feel free to drop me a mail in game.



Hi Arestes,

Again a nice collection of ships!
Gl with your sale.

Yak :wink:

My thoughts are… you are my inspiration. Would love to ask some questions if you dont mind ingame.

These sure are fine space vessels in need of a good home

And up we go with this one!

Since yours is the oldest does that mean it’s worth less as it has more miles on the clock

You and I both know this thing hasn’t done any miles, would need to be undocked for that…!
But it probably has depreciated as it’ll have an old reg plate on it.

Or buy mine, more miles and battletime! 20% markup!

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Somebody go buy that Molok for only 399,999,999,999,99 ISK!! :sunglasses:

hhhooollldddd up there Mr “I give discounts for lulz”… :wink:

Thank you for the bump - ship and fittings are still available.


to the top with that Molok!

Not forgetting this one!


Molok and fittings are still available.

Is this in an NPC station?

Trotters Independent Traders ?!

Yes it is in an NPC station.


Trotter Independent Traders? TITS?

Careful Rodney.

Price reduced to 325b.

Lets get it sold!

Is the 325b with fit?