Returning player, all my stuff is in hakonen, Quick couple of billion opportunity if you can haul. looking to offload it at discount. Highlights would be 2 mostly fitted (no drones) Thanatos carriers, 2 machariels, kronos, 2x tengu, and variety of other ships. Additionally 2.45 million m3 volume of 2t modules and ammo, and salvage, and PI material. total isk estimated value 22-23 billion. Asking for 10% off the top, 20.5 Billion. Basically, if you have the means to move the material safely, easy 2 bill. I have 2 or 3 other sites that have 2-5 billion in them, a larger deal or a second deal can be arranged for those sites. Mail me in game to get further details, or screen shots if needed

I can pay 60% jita buy price for the stuff. Clearly you are clueless as to the cost of transport.


Evepraisal link ?

Add 600 mil. The thanatos are discounted 300mil for some reason, as i am seeing the going rate at approximately 3.2b not 2.9b.

Add another 1.1 bill, the kronos isnt on there, havent repackaged it, its got t2 rigs on it, seemed a shame,

Had no idea about evepraisal, thanks for that. A little bit of adjustment from original projections. PM me in game for negotiations.

Bumb. Looking to negotiate



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