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Sale completed, Please Lock Thread.


I cant afford to buy them all i’m afraid but I can offer 40B for:

Revelation ME:9 TE: 14
Naglfar ME: 8 TE: 10
Naglfar ME: 10 TE:18 x2
Moros ME:10 TE: 14
Thanatos ME: 9 TE: 10

Capital Armor Plates ME: 10 TE:20
Capital Capacitor Battery ME: 10 TE: 10
Capital Cargo Bay ME: 10 TE: 20
Capital Clone Vat Bay ME: 10 TE:20
Capital Computer System ME: 10 TE: 20
Capital Construction Parts ME:10 TE: 20
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay ME:10 TE:20
Capital Drone Bay ME: 10 TE: 20 x2
Capital Power Generator ME: 10 TE: 20
Capital Propulsion Engine ME: 10 TE: 20
Capital Sensor Cluster ME: 10 TE: 20
Capital Shield Emitter ME: 10 TE: 20
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay ME: 10 TE: 20
Capital Siege Array ME: 10 TE: 20
Capital Turret Hardpoint ME: 10 TE: 20

I take it these are all in Jita? Isk ready if you are happy with my offer.

As stated in the original post, I’m looking to move the entire lot all at once.

I believe the NPC price is only 54b, while market price is around 75-80b (check for yourself of course). Including a very low researched Nyx BPO is unappealing too.

I’ll give you 75b

If you decide to part the lot I’d be interested in a few of them.

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